Online casino verification

Online casino verification is a common process designed to guarantee you and the casino operators security. The process of using the online casino without verification is not always necessary, in some cases it also works. At the latest from a high payout amount, the casino will probably want to find out more about you and your identity. Why verification? You can find out here. Learn why security should come first and how it works in this article.

Why is online casino verification necessary?

If you work legally and seriously, you will not do without the verification of the player account for withdrawal requests. This is to prevent the financing of terrorism and money laundering, but you too benefit from them. Only you can make payments to your own accounts that can be verified.

When an online casino acquires a license from the EU , it undertakes to screen the players. The licenses are always tied to many strict guidelines. This prevents you from logging in with incorrect data, accessing the games anonymously and making transactions . It goes without saying that criminal machinations are difficult to understand in this way.

If you just want to play for fun in the casino, then you can gamble in the demo version of the games in the online casino without verification. In this case, registration is not even necessary, all you have to do is call up the games via your browser. But keep in mind that real money can never be won this way. The transfer of real winnings only works if you have an account and can identify yourself.

How does the process work?

online casino verificationCompleting quick verification in the online casino is probably the goal of every player. You don’t want to waste time unnecessarily disclosing personal data. The casino payout without verification only works in the rarest of cases. If that works at all, then only with very small payouts.

But what exactly does online casino verification mean? The whole thing sounds more complicated than it actually is: all you have to do is identify yourself and confirm your place of residence. For this, the casino needs a copy of your ID and proof of address. You can find the last one on your last service charge statement, for example; it has to be an official document.

You can either upload the documents online or, for example, send them by fax. You don’t have to do anything else. The rest is then in the hands of the casino operator. They evaluate your data and then approve your withdrawal request. This can take a day or two, but sometimes the process can be completed in just a few hours.

Documents required for identity verification

As already mentioned, you must be able to identify yourself and also be able to confirm that you actually live where you say you live. The following documents are accepted by casinos for identity verification:

    Bills: Find, for example, an internet, electricity or gas bill with your name and address. The information on the document should match the personal details you provided when you registered at the casino.

    Copy of photo ID: Make a copy of your passport or ID card. It is important that your face is clearly visible and that all information is legible.

    Bank account statement: The casino can also ask for this from you. Of course, you can simply black out anything that does not concern the casino operator.

    Credit card statement: Here, too, you can make everything that is not important to the casinos illegible.

    Tax assessment: In this case, the first page is sufficient for the casinos.

If you upload documents online, it is important to always check whether the process actually worked. Also, pay attention to the size of the files you upload on the page. By the way, you don’t have to worry about the files: Strict security measures are taken in licensed casinos to protect your data from being accessed by others.

Video verifications are also increasingly being offered online. However, this is not really common for casinos, but rather is used by payment providers and banks. The Targobank about using this quick verification method already and also gets high marks for us. It’s safe and goes off the stage quickly. In the end, it’s always about having everything completed as quickly as possible and being able to play again, or to receive your free slots no deposit keep winnings.

That is why you also benefit from the identity check

With the verification in the casino goes hand in hand with the fact that you are staying with a reputable provider who has to adhere to various rules. You may find the process a bit cumbersome, but the casinos only protect themselves against criminal activity on their platforms. This should also give you as a player security, because the misuse of your payment details can also be prevented. Nobody can gain access to your winnings and deposits, you alone decide on the transactions that are initiated on your account.

Potential withdrawal and verification issues

The online casino verification is actually done quickly. We recommend that you always have everything ready to hand in order not to have to wait unnecessarily long for payouts. But here and there problems can arise, which of course you can avoid in the best of cases. The most common problems you will encounter are:

    Incorrect information – Have you made a mistake or changed your address? Then the details in your profile and on your identity card and Co. no longer match. In this case, the casino cannot verify your account. The best thing to do is to contact customer service as quickly as possible to clear up any misunderstandings.

    Multiple accounts – you are only allowed to have one account in the online casino, the registration of a second one is not allowed. If this is noticed, your winnings can quickly be canceled. You should also pay attention to this when registering and verifying.

    No payout due to bonus balance – you want to verify your account so you can make your first payout quickly? This only works if there is no more active bonus credit in your account. This often happens especially when using welcome bonuses. Therefore, always look to see if any bonus balance needs to be wagered before attempting to withdraw money.

You must have verified your account in order to be able to make your first withdrawal. How many documents the casino will request depends on the amount that is to be withdrawn. You only have to do the online casino verification once, after which it applies to all further payouts.

Basically, the more you want to pay out, the more strictly the casino will look. You may even have to go to your nearest post office in order to show the required ID and proof of address (in this case a registration certificate).

But there are also some German online casinos where you can make smaller payments completely without verification. We have some examples for you here.